Some Failed Social Media Campaigns in India…

Till now we have learned about the power of social media and have also seen successful media campaigns in India like Narendra Modi 2014 general election campaign, a.s.o. But there are numerous cases of failed social media campaigns in India. The reasons for the failure of social media campaigns are as follows:

  • Disconnect between the campaign and the target segment
  • Not following social etiquettes
  • Campaign not consistent
  • Making silly mistakes

In these blog we will study some of the failed social media campaigns in India and analyze where they went wrong.

  1. Fortis Healthcare – #AgarMaKaDoodhPiyaHaiTo campaign

To celebrate the Breast Feeding Week, Fortis Healthcare came up with Mamma Mia campaign on social media.

“And the CONTEST starts! Use #AgarMaKaDudhPiaHaiTo as the hash tag and post creative one liners!! 😀

— Mamma Mia (@mammamia_off)”

Apart from the hashtag sounding very similar to the 1980’s dialogue of the Indian actor Dharmendra it cause outrage among the social media community. The learning from this social media campaign is that the sensitivities of the local (target segment) society are to be kept in mind before posting anything on the social media.

  1. MTV India – Happy Birthday John Lennon

This major blooper was not expected from MTV – a bridge between the western music & India before the dot com boom. This campaign was to remember John Lenon on his birth anniversary.

“We wish John Lennon, the vocalist of Beatles a very Happy Birthday and a joyous year ahead!

Join us in wishing, click here: http;//”

This tweet came 32 years after John Lennon’s assassination. But MTV salvaged the campaign to some extent by the admitting their mistake gracefully.

“To all the John Lennon fans – Long live John Lennon. We made a mistake. We are sorry. You want to be cool? Keep tweeting! We love trolls!cool? Keep tweeting! We love trolls!”

  1. Inox Cinemas – Like Fiasco

This social media campaign was to promote the movie “Teri Meri Kahaani”. A wonderful way to engage users but stuck in facebook syndrome.

“Hit “Like” if you are going to watch Teri Meri Kahaani today and tell us your favorite scene from the movie!”

The only mistake they made was that there is no “Like” button on twitter!


  1. Ford Fiesta

Brothers in arms of Inox cinemas. Ford Fiesta made the same mistake as Inox cinemas of “Liking” on twitter.

“A very good morning everyone. Hot like if you had a fun weekend!”


  1. First Post – Breaking News!

Being in a news business doesn’t mean that you have to tweet every minute. The following tweet sounded like my neighborhood aunties chatting about me when I visit home after a long time.

“My how Obama’s daughters have grown



  1. Vijay Sales

One has to understand that social media is not a platform for discussing personal messages. Here Vijay Sales used the customer feedback platform on social media to send personal messages to a particular individual. The learning here is to be consistent on social media platform.




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