What are some examples of failed Social Media Campaigns in india?

Along with success stories come stories of failures and how people have learnt through it. Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool but an be deceptive as well. If not used properly, it can create massacre like an epidemic. Below are mentioned few epic failures in Social Media Campaigns that happened in India.

1. Volkswagen India #volkswagen – Volkswagen India for the promotions of Polo and Vento’s test drive, took a full page ad spread enticed readers with the copy ‘Feel the shiver of excitement?’ First ‘the shiver of excitement’ and then the vibrator on the back, both messages coupled to form a classic case of brand miscommunication. Twiterratis were all over them and criticized the whole concept they tried to develop in the name of branding.The company later tweeted back regarding the ‘mis-understanding’ with a #PunIntended hashtag, which made things even worse.

2. Starbucks India – This is probably one of the most talked social media campaign that almost brought down the company reputation to shambles. Arman Kapur, a writer and designer had been refused entry and later asked to step far away from the store when he visited the Starbucks Delhi store along with a friend.This irritated customer posted about the experience on the Starbucks Delhi page. Rather than take note of this complaint and apologize for the lousy treatment to Armaan and his friend, the Starbucks Facebook page deleted the post 5 days later on the 12th of February.This triggered a furore in twitter feed initiated by Armaan and people retweeted this o spread the arrogance of the famous brand.

3. Pepsi India – Akshar, a creative designer from india confronted copyright infringement by Pepsi for one of his works related to Sholay’s character Sambha.He posted the content on Facebook and Twitter as well and left the people to decide. And in no time, the Facebook post got more than 50 shares, more than 150 likes and 20 people joined in conversations on the content.Pepsi, wasting any time, jumped into the action, deleted the post and contacted Akshar. The MNC formally wrote an apology letter and settled the matter.

4. Star Sports India – Star Sports India tweeted an abusive term in its twitter handle and it trended for a very short time. But within that short time, it received 104 retweets and 25 favorites. Star Sports removed that tweet immediately and posted an apology tweet mentioning that the blunder was committed by a third party.

Establishing a social media strategy is more than just posting an update informing people that a new product or service is on sale. It’s more than just sharing a piece of relevant information. A social media strategy is a success when one is able to engage and interact with the target audience.

Everything that one does, or wants to accomplish, on social media should be based on the values of the business. This not only guides the content and business objectives on social media outlets, but it can also generate some buzz about the brand, since one also already identified his/her target audience and are aware of their wants and needs.





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