Social Media Campaign that failed in India

Why would any campaign fail on social media campaign? It could be because the goals were not aligned with strategy or the targeting was not correct or it simply didn’t engage its customer. Further, it could be a hit on social media however it might fail to generate any sales. Lets see some of such cases.

Raymond: Raymond tried to become active on social media and launched a campaign of Mother day contest on Facebook. But execution on facebook was very shabby, lack of information on where videos and photos needs to be uploaded, did not incorporate basic facebook feature in their page which ensured the campaign became a mere disaster for Raymond. Major engagement issue.

Burger King: Burger King made an epic miscalculation when they came up with a Facebook campaign that asked their fans to grab a discount by ‘unfriending’ 10 friends. Facebook soon came forward and asked them to withdraw the campaign which was a serious damage to their business model. However, almost 234,000 friends were terminated by the fans by then and created criticisms elsewhere in social media.

#AgarMaKaDudhPiaHaiTo by Fortis Healthcare

This sounds like a ‘1980s villainous dialogue’ in a hashtag. Any organization would definitely want to avoid it when it is celebrating breast feeding week. However, Fortis mess it up further. #AgarMaKaDudhPiaHaiTo tag by Fortis invited one liners for a contest. As it spawned negative reactions, they came up with a lame apology that their account was hacked.

‘Like’ a tweet? – INOX

Character limitations in Twitter tend to create typos. But, does it create things that don’t belong to this micro-blogging platform? INOX, in one of its tweet promotions asked the followers to like a tweet. Clearly the social media manager of INOX mixes up Facebook with Twitter and that caused the failure of the campaign.

L K Advani Adwords campaign

It was a Rs. 250 crore campaign by promoting L K Advani as front runner for election from National party BJP ( The twitter, youtube & facebook were all aligned well. But the blog that ran the main information stream about the political leader was not having much content. Also the Google Ad words was to such an extent that for few day users were finding L K Advani ads everywhere on internet. The ads were the factor that spoiled the appeal of the whole campaign as user thought it was something being forced down their throats & that a political party was spending a bit too much on such ads. Too much pushing of a product (in this case a personality) can be harmful.


Starbucks India quickly deleted one of the post made by his angry customer and that triggered a viral rage on Facebook & Twitter.The above page was posted on ‘Starbucks’ Facebook page on 7th February and the post triggered 5,100+ likes, 250+ comments in few hours. Armaan who was awaiting response from the brand later posted a print screen of post made on Starbucks India on the Global Starbucks page on 12th February 2013. Both Starbucks and Starbucks India removed the post from the wall as it was getting more attention than their regular updates, triggering more criticism against the brand. Angry @ArmaanKapur had by then tweeted a printscreen of the post made on the Starbuck India’s Facebook wall that also showed number of likes and comment received which got him more attention from the Twitter Community resulting in further damage of Starbucks.


This was a case of trying too hard to impress followers; there was no relevance of Cornetto with the question asked. This post would have made more sense if it was a picnic basket or what’s in your grocery bags. The last thing you will be carrying when you’re travelling is an ice cream cone; you will be more worried about whether you have packed your passport and other essentials.Company has to withdraw this campaign.


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