Some examples of failed social media campaigns in India

Consumer attention spans are growing smaller and difficult to hold as they move constantly to the next cool thing, being creative thus, has become key to achieving engagement with social media campaigns. However, without adhering to the  basic principles of marketing, even the coolest of campaigns will be setting themselves up for failure.

In this blog-post, we’ll go through some failed social media campaigns in India and try to draw out some mistakes to avoid.

#1: Using social media as scrapbook! (Yogurtbay)

Consumers visit pages and browse content because of the FOMO – the fear of missing out. but – they stay and act on your call-to-action only when they find that the content is worth their time, worse thing you can do is make them feel cheated.Consumers have short attention spans, filling up paragraphs worth of information is a sure fire way to make them go to sleep. Yogurtbay did exactly that , every post on their Facebook page is like an essay.

While the information shared may be most helpful, but its needs to be easy to read and take very less effort and time – only then will people like it and share it. Without engaging content , people will move to the next cool thing in seconds.

#2: Too Pushy! (Cornetto)

Show don’t tell – that’s a cardinal sin when trying to impress consumers;  Cornetto tried to push itself as a travel accessory. Their Facebook post would have made more sense if it was a picnic basket or what’s in your grocery bags. The last thing you will be carrying when you’re travelling is an ice cream cone; you will be more worried about whether you have packed your passport and other essentials. The thing to remember is that nobody likes a product pusher

#3:  #AgarMaKaDudhPiaHaiTo by Fortis Healthcare:  

Classic example of mixing up two things that just don’t match. A ‘1980s villainous dialogue’ in a hashtag just doesn’t have any shared sentiment with celebrating breast feeding week. Yet , Fortis did not just stop at this, they took it a step further. Fortis invited one liners for a contest with the hastag #AgarMaKaDudhPiaHaiTo . Negative reactions came in by hundreds, Fortis came up with a even worse apology stating that their account was hacked ! Serious loss of face.

#4: ‘Like’ a tweet? – INOX

While character limit in twitter makes posts concise , it also may lead to typos- However, does for INOX , it created features that don’t belong to the social media platform. INOX, in one of its tweet promotions asked the followers to like a tweet. The social media marketing was in this case handled by a manager who was more of a Damager.

#5 :Plagiarism! – Jabong via Flipkart, GoIbibo via Makemytrip

On a channel where creativity is rewarded in ample measure and is the only way to survive – plagiarism is a sure shot rout to failure. Jabong the e commerce company created a job listing on LinkedIn platform that read “wanted a Brand Head to drive awareness for the Flipkart brand”. Similarly GoIbibo had a bad day when Makemytrip uncovered a tweet that Goibibo copied from them. Social media being a lateral platform allows very little margin for error – good behavior is rewarded as quickly as bad behavior is chided.

Social Media platforms allow users to have a lot of power – the firm needs to realize that they are participating in a medium that has them as only one actor – they can contribute but not control.That having said, companies can always work with contributors to nudge the campaign in the right direction.

Social Media Marketing is not for the faint of heart – the interactivity it allows makes for a very dynamic medium which presents high risk to suffer but also a high reward to attain.